Schiphol CSNS

Naam project: Schiphol CSNS

Gebouwtype: Luchthaven

Gebied:  D-pier, E&F-pier, G-H gebouw

Opdrachtgever: Ballast Nedam Speciale projecten, Volker Wessels Schiphol en Strukton Worksphere

Onderdeel: Staalconstructie met brandwerende plaat Promatect-H en brandwerende mortel Mandolite CP2

Periode: 2013-2016

Schiphol Central Security Non-Schengen

The original design of the Schiphol terminal was based on gate security for all flights outside the Schengen area. This means that most of the commercial and lounge areas were shared by both departing and arriving passengers. The need to physically separate these flows and centralize the security screening points prompted Schiphol to start the ambitious “Central Security Non-Schengen” (CSNS) project.

To separate the departures and arrivals flows new levels have been built on the existing E, F and G concourses and a new transfer screening building had to be constructed near the Departures 3 and Departures 4 areas. A major challenge for the project was that operations had to continue during construction.